FS800/FS1000 Woodcore High Pressure Laminate “HPL” Finish

/FS800/FS1000 Woodcore High Pressure Laminate “HPL” Finish

It adopts high-quality thickened chipboard core substrate or MDF substrate, surface with HPL, PVC finish, four-sides with conductive edge strip, and galvanized steel plate on the bottom to ensure the overall loading capacity and flatness of the floor.

The pedestal is formed by molding, riveted structure, screw rod adjust the height at precision; Stringer is made with galvanized standard tube, good flatness.

The height of the finished floor is 100-300mm, and other heights can be customized.


  • Effectively prevent static electricity, B2 flame retardant, non-slip, isolated, dustproof, anti-fouling;
  • Sound insulation is better than all other types of flooring;
  • Pedestal support, strong structure and pressure resistance;
  • Beautiful and elegant appearance, good decorative effect;
  • Simple installation, strong interchangeability, easy wiring inspection.

Type and Technical Datas

Model International Model Size(mm) Fire-proof Concentrated load Impact Load  (N) Ultimate Load  (N) UDL  (N/m2) Rolling Load(N)
LB N KG 10 times 100000times
SR401 FS700 600x600x32 A ≥700 ≥3000 ≥301 ≥450 ≥8900 ≥12500 2946 2356
SR402 FS800 600x600x32 A ≥800 ≥3350 ≥363 ≥536 ≥11250 ≥16100 3560 2670
SR403 FS1000 600x600x40 A ≥1000 ≥4550 ≥450 ≥670 ≥13350 ≥23000 4450 3560